Saturday, December 27, 2008

Web traffic analysis

Two things...

1. Battle E and Junior Officer of the Year Results TBD

Update 1/10/2009: This year's Battle E results are here. This year's JO of the Year results are here.

If you came here looking for Battle E or JO of the Year results for 2008, I don't expect to find those out until the first or second week of January. Sorry! Check back later. (I've noted an increasing trend in the number of hits on my blog lately from people Googling variations of "Battle E 2008" and "Junior Officer of the Year 2008".)

Note that I posted last year's Battle E results on Jan 3rd, and last year's Junior Officers of the Year on Jan 14th. They have to have some time for each squadron to make their decisions (in both competitions), inform the boat CO's, submit the results to COMSUBPAC and COMSUBFOR, and allow CSP and CSF to compile the lists from all the squadrons and then push the message out to the fleet.

I'll post them when I get them, but I also don't expect to be the first source of this data to be posted on the internet. If you get the results and haven't seen them here on my blog, then please forward them to me, too!

2. The Gift Exchange Surge

I've read that it's sort of a faux pas for a blogger to write about how much traffic their blog gets - sort of like bragging about how much money you have I suppose.

Still, I wanted to share this observation with you in percentages as opposed to raw numbers.

I had a pretty standard average number of hits per day on my blog. Then I wrote that post about the gift exchange at my office Christmas party. All of a sudden, my blog traffic did a step-jump up with about 50% higher number of hits per day due to people Googling some variation of, "holiday gift exchange ideas."

Then, on Dec 24th, POOF! Those 50% extra hits vanished and my blog went back to my old average daily hits-per-day. In hindsight, it's not all that surprising really. It makes sense. I just thought it was an interesting web traffic phenomenon.

Si tout.


Re: Becca said...

Just swingin' by to say hi! I've seen you on Sam and "C"'s blogs... just another sub wife ;)

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blunoz said...

Hi Becca, Thanks for stopping by! So what do the fish and the bicycle have in common? Doesn't really seem like they go together.

Re: Becca said...

Nothing. Exactly my point. We're fine without y'all.

It's my deployment mantra.