Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In-aug-uration Rentals

I'm having flashbacks to Monterey. During the U.S. Open, lots of people around Monterey rented out their homes to people coming to town for the golf tournament. It seemed like a good idea to me then - get out of town away from the crowds and let someone else pay for your vacation.

Now, with In-aug-ur-ation Day rapidly approaching, there are a lot of ads on Craigslist for people around the DC area offering to rent out their homes for the festivities. (Hyphens intentionally inserted to prevent people from coming to my blog looking for information about the event.)

I guess I could understand people IN DC renting out their places to be close enough to the event to walk. I just don't understand why so many listings are way out here in places like Sterling and Ashburn. I have heard predictions that traffic will be horrendous and bodies will be crammed into metro cars like sardines and we should all just stay home if we aren't going to the big event.

So why would someone pay to rent a place so far out and then face the additional ordeal of the transportation into the city?

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Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Seriously. And even if you did find a place to stay, what are the odds that you would actually see anything? I guess the appeal is to say 'I was there'. But frankly, being smushed together with people you don't know and only being able to see the 50 people that surround you is a 'there' that I can do without :)