Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Worthy Cause

I'm going to post this on my blog for two reasons.  First, it's from an awesome fellow bubblehead who happened to be my COB on the Mighty MSP.  Second, it's another great example of using "shipmate" in a NON-derogatory context.  :-)

Friends and Shipmates,
On 7 February, 2009, I will be racing with my team, "The Navsubscol (N6) Bubbleheads" up 82 flights of stairs (41 floors) in the Race Up Boston Place at the Mellon Financial Center in downtown Boston. The event is a fundraiser to help raise money for the American Lung Association. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for us to promote Navy physical fitness as well as participation in the community.
This particular race in Boston is the first of a series of 6 races up various skyscrapers throughout the New England area in 2009. If we survive this first race without too many injuries :) then the Navsubscol Bubbleheads intend to proceed to the other races as well. Aside from developing huge thighs by the end of the last race, we hope to earn some money for a very worthy cause and even have some fun while doing it.
Please join me in the fight against lung disease and please support my team as we Race Up Boston Place. For more information on the event and the American Lung Association, please visit the website: climbofyourlife.org . The following link takes you directly to our team page: http://www.mrsnv.com/evt/e01/team.jsp?id=2160&tid=3846 We would be extremely grateful for your support. Please give what you are able; every dollar makes a difference.
Thank you for your support as me and my teammates challenge ourselves by participating in the Race Up Boston Place event and in raising money to put an end to lung disease. Please join me in our mission to fight lung disease by making a personal, tax-deductible donation. We know that during this period of grim economic news, as well as the close proximity to the Holidays, it's tough for all of us to come up with spare change for the many charities asking for money. But, we don’t need much - even just one dollar from every one of our friends could go a long way to making a difference. Thanks for your consideration and have a GREAT Holidays!!!
Gaylord Humphries

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Sagey said...

He is going to race up OBP (One Boston Place)!? That was the building my dad worked in for years and years when I was a kid, the one with the block on top! Oh the memories! Go Gaylord!