Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday Night Random Observations

First, for anyone reading my blog in a aggregator like Google Reader, just an FYI /heads-up that I edited the previous post to add a photo and make a correction that LW and CC pointed out to me. Go back and check it out.

Second, I have a new addiction. I absolutely LOVE this IZZE sparkling juice stuff! It takes considerable self-restraint not to drink several bottles per night. So far, I've tried the blackberry and the clementine flavors, and they were both really good. They count as two servings of fruit and are only 2 points on WW, too.

Third, by some strange miracle, LW found Wii Fit at the Pearl Ridge Mall today and snatched it up. We've been trying to order it, but everywhere we've tried, they've been sold out of the PRE-orders. LW said Costco got a shipment in, and they sold out in 8 minutes. She checked the video game store at the mall, and low and behold they had some in stock. Will wonders never cease?

Wii Fit is actually really cool. It comes with a balance board that looks kind of like a bathroom scale without any numbers or digital readout. When you first log in, it measures your BMI and tests your balance and tells you your Wii Age. It chastised me for being overweight and said my Wii Age is 43 - yuck. Guess I've got some work to do.

Oh, and it adjusts your Mii size and shape based on your BMI measurement. So now, all of a sudden, the boys' Mii characters look like twigs, and LW and my Mii characters look like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man.

It has a lot of cool exercises and games you can do. YB actually really likes the Ski-Jump. I scored horribly on my first try at most of the exercises, but it'll take a little getting used to.

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