Monday, May 12, 2008


My SiteMeter reached a major milestone today. I've had
10,000 unique visits
since I started blogging in September. There's actually a lot more page views, but if someone clicks around my blog several times within 30 minutes, it counts as one "visit."

Visitor #10,000 was someone in Dublin, Ireland, but nothing showed up for what their referring URL was (i.e. what led them to my blog).

Usually, I can categorize the visits into one of two groups. The group that has no referring URL is usually from one of the cities where I have family or close friends living, and they're just clicking on the link in their favorites list on their web browser.

The second group are those that don't personally know me, but come to my blog from a Google search or link from another website. Using SiteMeter, you can see the searches people do on Google that bring them to your blog. For example, visitor #9,999 was from Milwaukie, Wisconsin, and did a Google search for "blue and gold dinner cake."

Sarah has posted some of her favorite Google search terms that come to her blog. Some of them are pretty darn funny (and some scary).

I get a LOT of visits from people searching for some form of:
- "funny customer service quotes"
- "Palm versus BlackBerry"
- "Battle E winners"
- "how to defeat dark creeps"
- "blue and gold dinner cake"
- "pinewood derby designs"
- "Ko Olina snorkeling"
- "USMC silent drill team"

However, in honor of my 10,000th visit, I am going to share with you some of the odd-ball outliers. These are the Google searches that jumped out at me as being rather odd or funny. The actual Google search terms are listed in blue, and the comments afterward in black are my own reaction to this search.

- nutrition values in an arctic circle cheeseburger. In some posts, I write about nutritional value of some foods. In other posts, I have written about crossing the Arctic Circle in a submarine. But never have I written about the two in the same post. Oh, and I've never been to an Arctic Circle restaurant before, either.

- Park Street church Sunday night music. Yes, we got married at Park Street Church. Other than that mention on my anniversary post, I'm not sure why this one came to my blog.

- Hawaii Law regarding blocking an intersection. That one's understandable why it would come to my blog. I'm just surprised someone would do a search for that.

- mexican foods that taste good like taco bell and what naught. Again, no real surprise that came to my blog given my addiction to Mexican food. I'm curious though. What did this person think "and what naught" was going to add to the Google search engine?

- muddy speedos. What the...??? I don't think I wanna know.

- YouTube of tightie whities in the Navy. Okay, I have no doubt former shipmates of mine would get a good laugh from that one considering all the pairs of boxer shorts I've received as gag-gifts at boat farewell parties. (I've psychologically traumatized many a shipmate with the sight of me in tighty-whities on my way to the head in the wardroom passageway :-).) Still... what was this person really searching for??? I'm not sure why it came to my blog, either.

- Hawaii non man made sight. This one perplexed me. Why on EARTH would THAT Google search come to my blog? So I ran the same Google search myself, and my blog was the first thing to come up! It was because back in December, I wrote about, "Hawaii sight-seeing... LW made cilantro stuffed tri-tip..." That was a bit far-fetched, dontchya think???

- Do geeks stay up all night. Why yes, yes they do. Huh???

- Ice Cream Refrigerator repairs done on U.S.S. Nevada and U.S.S. California post Pearl Harbor. Um... Again... NO idea why this came to my blog. I suppose since I mentioned USS NEVADA in my post about the Remembrance Tour.

- pki girls in samer dresse photo. This one came from Pakistan. Other than the fact that I wrote a blog post about Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), I have no other clue why this came to my blog.

- crime photography worksheet. No clue.

- dancing weenie screen saver. That's funny and scary at the same time.

- clearing laundry room drains. That's understandable since I wrote about our flooded laundry room.

- pokey hair. AWESOME! I was amazed that (a) someone Googled this, and (b) there are actually lots of different websites that come up for this search. Apparently YB wasn't the first kid to coin this phrase.

- men going poop or pee shots. I don't wanna know.

- "asked her" "and took this" color underwear "up her". Huh??? Where do people come up with this stuff? Sometime, I'm really curious what exactly they were looking for that made them type those particular words into their Google search.

- Long Island laundramat faulty dryer injury. No idea, sorry. I don't think I've written anything about any of those terms.

- It's never his fault. Nope, it sure isn't!

- What did Nazi do as an initiation ritual. Hmmm... again, I probably don't want to know. The only reason this one came to my blog is because I have referred to the personal trainer who leads our Wednesday PT as the "PT Nazi."

- Uptight laid back east coast west coast. Yep, I wrote about that, so that one was legit.

Well, that's all for now folks. To those of you who read my blog on a regular basis: Thanks!

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