Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stupid Kevin Tricks, Vol 35, Ed 143

Cardinal Rule of Grocery Shopping: Don't go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. You'll get really hungry and end up buying a bunch of stuff you don't really need.
Okay, so broke the grocery shopping rule today. In my defense, I had good reason. I needed to stop and pick-up ES's birthday cake from the commissary, and I planned to stop and get some lunch for my family on the way home. Of course, while the lady behind the counter couldn't find ES's birthday cake, I was left to stand there SURROUNDED by all things baked and awesome but terribly bad for you. I managed to resist the temptations in the bakery and moved along.

After I picked up the birthday cake though, I said to myself, "Self, you're running low on a few things for your lunch-time supplies at work." Aside: Since we're in the shipyard and our galley is shut down, we all have to either bring our lunches or go out somewhere outside the shipyard to eat. So I keep a supply of soups and pretzels and stuff in my desk drawer for lunch at work.

So I picked up some of the things I need for my lunches at work. ...and, because I was hungry, I decided to pick up some Hawaiian sweet potato and taro chips I saw on the shelf that sounded pretty good. I like spicy stuff, so I got the jalepeno and habanero kind.

I got in the car and was really hungry for lunch, and those chips sure sounded good, so I thought I'd try some.

Did anyone else in the vicinity of the Pearl Harbor commissary today and notice a 6' 2" white guy in a blue life is good t-shirt with a bright red face, flames spewing from his mouth, and heavy black smoke billowing from his ears as he made a mad dash to Taco Bell to douse the flames with a soda? No? Okay, me neither.

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