Saturday, May 17, 2008

Travel IQ

My latest internet game addiction is the Travel IQ on In the basic version of the game, it shows you a world map. It flashes up the names of capitals, major cities, and major landmarks (like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower). You have to use your mouse to point where it is on the map. You get points for both accuracy and speed (more points for accuracy than for speed). There is a time limit on each name, so you can't go off looking it up on Google Earth. With each round, the cities and landmarks get more and more obscure and harder to find.

I keep scoring in the 141-145 range, then Loping Squid took it and got like a 161 the first try. Thbbbbt! :-P Sorry, I don't mean to be a poor sport. Good job Loping Squid!

They provided the html on the website to insert the game into your website or blog, but it comes up too big to fit into the blogger window, so I took it out. You can try playing the game here.

My user name is Blunoz708 on the TripAdvisor website if you want to add me to your Traveler Network.

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E.P. said...

Great game, lots of fun!