Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Secret Life of a Blog Post

There's a pretty cool two-page spread in the February edition of WIRED magazine about "The Secret Life of a Blog Post." It's really fascinating to read. I never knew that "spam blogs" existed, but somehow it doesn't surprise me. It was interesting to read how corporations monitor blogs for feedback on products or commercials. The example they use in the WIRED article is someone sees a Budweiser ad during the Super Bowl and writes a blog about it, and how it gets automatically picked up by Data Miners and used by corporations. Pretty cool stuff. Here I thought my blog posts of favorite restaurants and stuff was just going out to the five of you who read my blog. I wonder if any CEOs of major corporations have read my blogs. If the CEO of Einstein Brothers happens to read this: WHY?? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE OUR EINSTEIN BROTHERS AWAY???

Another really cool WIRED article was this photo gallery. My friend E sent me the link to this one, pointing out the photo of the fiber-optic cables where they come into America from the trans-Atlantic cable. Check it out here.

In case you were wondering: No, WIRED is not paying me a dime for advertising. I just really like the magazine, that's all.


Sagey said...

And Dunkin'Donuts... COME BACK! :-)

Sam said...

'Tis true. I got an email from a disgruntled professional that I named on my blog after I mentioned his lying to me via phone when hubs was out to sea (it had to do with hubs). He admitted he googles his name to see what pops and found that. Guess he should've been a little nicer (and more honest) with me!

Corey said...

Blogging is big money. Some of the bigger Mom Blogs that I read are constantly being bombarded by advertisers wanting them to write about their product for chump change. They complain that the e-mails that they receive from these large corporations are so generic and could be sent to anybody. Some blogs, like, pay the mortgage with advertising.