Sunday, January 20, 2008

How can it be 4 years already???

Where has the time gone? LW and I were very truly blessed with the arrival of our second son four years ago. Here are some of my favorite pictures and memories with my youngest son over the past four years.

Balboa Naval Hospital January 20th, 2004

Check-Up Time - 3 Days Old
Balboa Naval Hospital

OBX September 2004

Christmas in Oregon 2005

This is what happens when left unsupervised
and it's TOO QUIET in the house.

Drivin' the Boat
Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
Summer 2006
(I think this is my favorite picture of YS.)

Swimmin' in Grammy's Pool
Summer 2006

Homecoming from Deployment
Norfolk, VA

April 2007

Home from Local Ops off Hawaii
September 2007

I like the shadow in this picture.

The Fish Out of Water
Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park
December 2007

Happy Birthday YS!


Black Shoe said...
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Sam said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy! Lookin' good! Keep Dad and Mom hoppin'!

Corey said...

Wish him a happy birthday from all of us!

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Happy Birthday YS!!! Wish we were there to play and eat cake :)

Sagey said...

Ahh, 4 years ago today we were at Balboa Hospital. As with both our kids, the days after the birth were interesting. With YS they were worried about spina bifada and took him off to have an ultrasound on his tail bone. Thankfully all is fine and he has grown into a strong, intelligent, silly little boy. And whenever I see that crooked little butt crack of his I thank God for our healthy little boy. Just makes me appreciate what we have and the wonders that are bestowed upon us. :-)

And I think my favorite picture of YS is the one with the marker all over him, because he always makes me giggle. :-)