Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another Mouth-Watering Food Photo
and A Preview of Another Great Lego Game

Ya know, I really can't imagine why my boys are so obsessed with all things Star Wars. It's not like I encourage it or anything...

ES's Sandwich at Lunch

It's very weird having such a quiet house today since all our visiting family members flew out last night and early this morning. It's also been raining outside, so the boys and I have been getting in a healthy dose of our new Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga this morning.

It came with a trailer for the new Lego Indiana Jones coming out in the summer of 2008. It looks really cool! From watching the trailer (click here for trailer), it looks like they are continuing to use the same slapstick comedy with no dialogue, just grunts and gestures to tell a simplified and wacky version of the movie. It's been really funny to watch on Lego Star Wars, so I can't wait to see Lego Indiana Jones.

Oh, here's the trailer on YouTube. Make sure to scroll down and pause my blog music before pushing play on the trailer video.

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the wifey said...

lego indiana jones??? are you serious? oh man, i don't know whether to tell my hubby about that or not because he'll be so excited. guess this means we'll actually have to buy an xbox now! cool sandwich, by the way.