Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh, No! It's started again...

As I came down the stairs from putting the boys to bed tonight, I saw LW had the TV on pause (DVR). She was grinning at me with one of those Cheshire cat grins and told me she had a "surprise" for me. For a moment, I got really excited thinking there was a new episode of HIMYM or Heroes. Then she hit the play button, and that oh-so-familiar and oh-so-awful theme song started for American Idol. The first few weeks of this show each season are just agonizing to watch, and even worse to listen to. It boggles my mind that there are so many people out there who THINK they are good enough singers to go on NATIONAL TV and make total and complete FOOLS of themselves. I would NEVER turn this show on if I had custody of the remote control. Tonight, however, I have actually been pretty amused and entertained by how incredibly BAD the singers are in Philadelphia.

On a similar topic, how does one explain intellectual property rights to a 6 year old? Last night after the boys got out of their bath and we were going to get their pajamas on, ES informed me he "made up" a "new song." I said, "Oh yeah?" He proceeded to sing, "Who let the dogs out - woof! woof woof!" I tried to explain to him that someone else already wrote that song and he must have heard it somewhere else, but he insisted his song was somehow different.

I may have mentioned before that ES has broken the Mommy & Daddy Code. Even as he learned to spell and could pick up on the shorter words, we used to still be able to spell more complicated words or spell them really quickly so it'd be too fast for him to think about it. It just isn't working anymore. He now prides himself on blurting out whatever one of us has just spelled to the other. We've tried asking him not to do that so it remains a secret to YS, but he doesn't think that's any fun.

LW tested out a new code on me on Sunday. After church, when we were trying to decide what to have for lunch, she informed me there was a new foreign residence of tasty flatbreads near our house. It took me a few seconds of churning that through my noggin to realize what she was talking about. I wonder how long this code will last. I'm not that clever, so I'm not sure I could come up with things like that on the fly. Maybe we need to start working on our pig latin.

We didn't end up going to the new foreign residence of tasty flatbreads until tonight for dinner. O...M...G... We got there at 5:30, and we didn't get our food until 6:15! The place wasn't even half full and there were plenty of waiters and waitresses, it was just OUR waitress. We had been sitting at our table for about ten minutes and NOBODY had welcomed us much less taken our drink orders. I had to stop one of the other waitresses to ask her where ours was, and she went to get our waitress. Our waitress came and asked if she could take our drink orders or if we were ready to order, and LW was like, "Uh, YEAH we're ready to ORDER." So we placed both our drink and our food orders, and then... [cue crickets chirping sound effect]. Normally (as in at other locations of this chain), they're very good about bringing your drinks lickety-split. About 6 o'clock, I noticed that the family from the next table over had all left and the father was still sitting there, looking very annoyed. It dawned on me later that he had the same waitress and was waiting for a check. At 6:05, I started suggesting to LW that we just up and leave and go to Baskin Robins two doors down. I mean, hey, if it's okay to have pancakes for dinner, then what's wrong with ice cream for dinner, right? At 6:07, I stopped a guy who had good command presence and asked if he was the manager. He said he was, and I expressed to him my dissatisfaction with the service. He was very nice and very apologetic and said he would handle the situation right away. Our drinks came out about 60 seconds before our food did.

I'm not ruling out going back to this restaurant yet though. It appeared to be just our waitress. We saw coffee and food flying past us in the arms of the other waitresses serving customers who arrived after we did and departed before we did. The food was fine. The waitress appeared to keep a level head and not get a bad attitude about us complaining to the manager, so that was good. She did seem to put forth a little bit more effort to check on us after that, but by then (after we had our food) there wasn't much she could do.

Shifting topics, I was rather surprised when I came home from work today to find YS wearing crocs. No one in my family has had crocs before now, so I figured he was wearing one of the neighbor kids' crocs for some reason. I asked whose shoes he was wearing, and he grinned and said, "MINE!" He proceeded to show off his new bright red Lightning McQueen (of Cars fame) crocs for me.

I was really surprised by this. I could have sworn not long ago we were walking through the Ala Moana Mall, passing by a large display of crocs, and LW commented on how they just didn't appeal to her. When I asked her about it tonight, she said it was the Lightning McQueen that got her, and YS LOVES his new shoes.

Lastly, I've been getting back into the culture of fitness and on track with eating right and PT. I had good results on the scale this week. However, I'm not looking forward to our first session with the PT Nazi tomorrow morning after four weeks of slacking off.

Week 7 Summary
Result this week: 2.2 pound loss
Cumulative Result: 4.8 pound loss
Average Per Week: 0.7 pound loss per week


Sagey said...

Ahem... here come the nightly corrections... :-)

I stopped the waitress to ask who our waitress was. ;-) The waitress did care about getting our food out to us quickly after the manager spoke to her. So quickly that she tried to cover up an order mistake. I ordered the Funny Face Pancakce for YS, minus the face (plain pancake since YS doesn't like fruit and whipped cream and he doesn't want the eggs that come with the Silver Five). When the food came I noticed blotches of red on the plate and slyly lifted up the large pancakce to see a face in red on the bottom. Someone scraped off the face and flipped the pancakce over. Because YS is not allergic to strawberries and hadn't noticed the red, I let it go.

Oh and a year or so ago I tried piglatin on ES and he quickly deciphered it. So since you aren't quick on your feet like me, we are screwed. ;-) Of course in a month or so he will probably figure out what the Foreign Residence is. What do you do when your first grader is smarter than you? Anyone have advice?

Corey said...

I never thought the day would come where Sagey would buy Crocs. Hawaii has done something to her...