Saturday, October 6, 2007

Still getting used to Hawaii...
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How is it that I'm enjoying Sam Adams Octoberfest tonight, but it's like 80 degrees outside? Have I mentioned that autumn is my favorite season back on the east coast? My mother in law is here visiting and she said the trees were starting to turn color when she left Boston. My lovely wife (LW) and I got married in Boston in October. I wanted to have a parade across Boston Common as part of the wedding to enjoy the fall foliage, but somehow that idea fell through the cracks. It actually ended up raining on our wedding day, so the parade wouldn't have worked. We took our visiting family members on a bus tour of Boston the next day though.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about enjoying life in paradise. I took some leave this week since my eldest son had a school vacation. Yesterday, we went down to the Hale Koa pool. It was amazing to both my eldest and youngest sons swimming like fish and totally fearless in the water. When I left them here in Hawaii in June before I flew back to Norfolk to drive the boat around through the Panama Canal, they enjoyed going to the pool, but didn't really like water on their face or go in without floaties on their arms. Now, they're both jumping and swimming and diving down to pick toys up off the bottom.

There are lots of things I look forward to doing around the island as long as we're in this tropical environment. ...but I'll still miss the changing seasons.

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Anonymous said...

I'll trade a heartbeat. HI beats MI anyday. I for one would love to never see winter again. *cue "Boat Drinks" by Jimmy Buffett*