Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday morning odds and ends

A smattering of random items this morning:

  • Lord help us! ES has discovered how to Google. I came downstairs this morning to find he typed in "apache helicopter" and was looking at Army websites for pictures of... well... Apache helicopters. After I came down, he asked how to spell "sub hunter" (because we were reading his library book about cruisers and talking about the helicopters that hunt for submarines). I'm very afraid to see where this will go. What pray-tell will he Google next??? It might be time to invest in some parental controls on the computer - anyone got any recommendations?
  • We went to ES's school fall festival last night. I must say, there were a lot of really well done and cute pirate costumes there - especially my Nav's kids. What threw me for a loop though, was sitting behind us was this family where the mom was cussing at her daughter. I mean, the poor girl looked to be about 8 years old or so, and as far as I could tell she wasn't doing anything egregious or misbehaving (not to imply that it would be okay to cuss at your kid if they WERE misbehaving). I mean, it's a Catholic school for cryin' out loud! (Again, that is not meant to imply that it would be okay to cuss at your kid if it wasn't a Catholic school.)
  • I think the highlight of going to the fall festival though was getting to meet Alyssa. Every day, ES comes home from school and we ask what he did at school. Typical response: "Nothing." So we dig a little deeper, "Who did you play with at recess?" Typical response: "Alyssa." A little while back, when he told us he DIDN'T play with Alyssa, we asked why not, and found out some other rotten little boys in his class had been making fun of him for playing with a GIRL, so he wasn't playing with Alyssa anymore. My heart sank. We explained to ES that it's perfectly okay to be friends with a girl and that those boys weren't very nice. We also gave his teacher a heads-up so she would watch out for the teasing, too. Since then, it hasn't been an issue, and we've gone back to "Who did you play with at recess?" "Alyssa." So it was nice to finally meet Alyssa last night. Her dad's in the Air Force and they just moved here from Okinawa, so she and ES both have the "I just moved here" thing in common.
  • While my MIL was here visiting, I was going upstairs to watch Heroes on the old TV in our master bedroom. Now she's gone back to Boston and I've started watching Heroes downstairs on the HDTV - OMG what a difference!!!
  • We're very excited for the Dish Network installation guy to come on Wednesday. The local cable TV here is super-lame and non-user-friendly. We had Dish Network from 1999 in Monterey all the way up until we left Virginia in June, and we miss it. I'm just worried he won't be able to get a good angle on the satellite from our location in housing. We're on an east-west running street, and slightly downhill from the house to the east of us, so somehow we have to find a way for the satellite dish to look around the house next to us to the east.
Okay, ES wants the computer back so he can Google something else. Have a good weekend all!


C said...

What's even better is to check sitemeter for the google search phrases entered to find your blog (even inadvertently). There are some pretty weird people out there.

Anonymous said...

Oh , children googling. They grow too fast!