Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Spring!

What a gorgeous day we had in NoVA today!

Although the trees are still mostly bare, we have signs here and there - a preview of coming attractions:

We got the bicycles down out of the garage ceiling hoists for the first time this year.

This was the first time for 6 year old YB riding on tagalong with me while 8 year old ES rode on his own bike.

We had a great time. After two long laps around our neighborhood, ES was tired and went in the house, but YB wanted to keep going (go figure - he wasn't really pedaling). I captured some AWESOME video of YB singing a joyful song with lyrics something along the lines of:
I'm having fun,
I'm having fun,
This is the best weekend ever,
This is the best weekend ever,
I'm having fun
Without [ES] disturbing me,
I want to do this again tomorrow,
I want to do this again tomorrow,
This is the best weekend ever.
Or something like that. (The video is posted to Facebook for my family and friends' amusement.)

Stupid Kevin Tricks, Vol 37, Ed 5,842

I managed to draw the first blood of the season. I hadn't even gotten on my bike to start our ride. As I was swinging my leg over the bike, my foot got caught in between the seat and the frame, and the momentum of me swinging my leg over caused all of my body weight to go toppling over onto the other side of the bike without being able to put my foot down to stop me (because it was stuck in the bike frame).


Smoooooooth. Yep, that was pretty embarrassing. My wonderful wife was standing right there when it happened, and she very kindly stifled her laughter and got the first aid kit.

A tootsie roll pop sure made it feel better though. :-)


Tabor said...

Gotta have a little blood to have a really good time if you are a guy. Let us know when your kids start their rock band.

Hilary said...

Great photos.. you're certainly ahead of us spring-wise. I'm glad the blood was yours rather than one of your kidlets. I'd love to hear your son's little song. Kids are so funny. :)

Marcus Hollman said...
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Marcus Hollman said...

Sir, This is former reserve Seabee and former college Cadet Marcus, New Mexico Mil Inst.

Your flower pictures are exceptional; one has been included in the Web Buffet, Ark Old State House Museum Links List '10

'A savior we can all agree on,
is savoring the moment.'

Averist MRH
- Centered Party
- My Collected Averisms

By the way, you can include larger pictures on your site with

SamanthaSimons said...

I like the preview of the coming attractions! Those blooms are gorgeous but I must say...the bikes seem more exciting to me. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get back out on mine!