Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Warning: If you're already in a bad mood or are on your way out on a hot date and don't want to go in a despondent bad mood, then don't read this post.

It's gonna piss you off.

I want to add this to the files of frivolous lawsuits, although I don't know the technical details of the lawsuit itself. Even so, this story is a totally demoralizing indication of what an embarrassment the American legal system has become.

The judge and the lawyers who brokered this deal should be disbarred and forced to attend the funeral of every American servicemember killed in action for the next 12 months. As for that organization that calls itself a church and holds anti-homosexual rallies outside of funeral services for American service members... words fail me. It's simply disgraceful.

To help out a grieving USMC father with legal costs incurred by these wackos that call themselves a church, click on the link above.


Melis said...

I'm glad you posted something about this; you've got more words to describe it than I would. I tried to explain it to my husband and the best I could come up with resembled garbled utterances of shock and disgust but I ended with an agape jaw and just pointed at the screen. He's in that state now. Unbelievable.

blunoz said...

Melis - Yeah, my wife read it and said, "So what exactly is it this church group is protesting???" I did a quick google search and found this on a Christian Science Monitor article:

"The Westboro Baptists Church from Topeka, gained notoriety by demonstrating at military funerals across the country, claiming God is killing troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to punish the United States for tolerating homosexuality."

Tanya said...

That's abhorrent. They were just in Hampton Roads a few weeks ago and were supposed to protest at a Marine's funeral in Chesapeake. They did protest outside the high school that my kids would attend since that school has an LGBTA group. Then they were supposed to protest at a synagogue but the counter-rally outnumbered the few protestors of the WBC. These idiots have been around for a long time...but gained notoriety for picketing Matthew Shepard's funeral and gained more infamy since then.

It's a completely contemptible act that this grieving father, or anyone, would have to pay this hate group. I guess we know partially how this groups remains funded to travel around the country spreading their messages of hate and intolerance.

Good post, but yeah...talked about pissed.

Kel said...

Ugh...that "church" infuriates me. The hubs came home the other day and told me about this...it's just sick. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Those people are filled with nothing but hate and I can't believe that that poor grieving father has to PAY them of all people... There really just aren't any words...