Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kryptonite Revisited

Many thanks to NotionsCapital for pointing out some new pseudonyms of my arch-nemesis.

Ever since Jud forwarded me a this NY Times article that identified several alternative names used to hide MSG in food labels, I have avoided those items and dramatically reduced the frequency of my headaches.

Sadly, it's getting to the point where about all I can eat that I KNOW FOR SURE is "safe" is plain white rice. It annoys me to no end that "All Natural" does NOT equate to "safe for Kevin" because "natural flavor" and "natural smoke flavor" are MSG pseudonyms. However, I DO find that items with "organic" on the label tend to be safe, although the MSG pain in my head shifts to an Organic pain in my wallet.

In spite of carefully checking the ingredients of everything I eat, I still get a headache every once in a while and have NO CLUE what caused it, so I knew there was something else (ingredient-wise) out there that I haven't nailed down through pattern-analysis yet. Now armed with the names provided through NotionsCapital, I'll be on the lookout for these other forms of "Stealth MSG."

Oh, check out this video (found from the second link on NotionsCapital):

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Hilary said...

I didn't know that MSG was hidden in these products. Thanks for that info. I have to avoid aspartame which was slowly and steady causing problems will connective tissue throughout my body. I'd been drinking diet coke for years. It took several months without aspartame to improve completely. Good information here.