Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last night was ES's last Cub Scout Pack meeting of the school year. They had the bridging ceremony where the boys walk across the wooden bridge and get promoted to the next "rank" up. At the other end of the bridge, the cub master hands them their new colored neckerchief and handbook (yellow for Wolf, blue for Bear, plaid for Webelos). Sorry I forgot to take my camera with me, so no pics of the actual bridge crossing (you can see last-year's bridge crossing here).

ES with his new blue neckerchief.

So thinking about promotions to come... I'm trying to think what would be a cool place to have a promotion ceremony in the DC area. Nothing big and fancy, not like with an MC reading a script and a band playing the national anthem and speeches and all that. Just a cool, memorable spot for a brief ceremony with family.

I have two locations in mind so far, but thought I'd mention it here and see if anyone else had any cool ideas.

In the submarine room at the U.S. Navy Museum.

Someone else I know recently had their promotion ceremony in the Pentagon Chapel. I have to admit I haven't actually BEEN to the Pentagon chapel yet, so I have no idea what that's like.

I posted a poll to on the right side of my blog. Please click over there to give me your vote, or leave a comment to suggest someplace else.


Sagey said...

How about just in our Living Room? :-)

Don the Baptist said...

I loved both of those locations. The Navy memorial is grand, though you might have a problem with traffic control.

The sub room at the museum sees a lot less traffic--at least it did when I was there--and has the benefit of long tradition.

Both good choices.

Katie said...

I like both ideas. My husband was recently promoted (May 1st) and they held it in the War Room on board the USS George Washington. It was short and sweet and was also the first time for my daughters and I to be on a carrier...we've only been on board submarines!

Jay said...

Is the USS Barry still in DC? When I was a reservist there, guys did retirements and re-enlistments there, too. Though I like the Navy Memorial, personally.