Wednesday, May 6, 2009

$1 Fares for Military on JetBlue!!!


JetBlue is offering $1 fares to Active Duty military for non-stop flights from Dulles or Richmond in the month of May.

You have to purchase the tickets before May 7th, and some of the destinations like Long Beach, CA have already sold out of the $1 fare deal.

Just thought I'd pass this on for those in the DC area who might want to take advantage of it. My JOs are booking weekend trips home as I type this.

For details, click here.


Kat said...

Wish we were there to take Jet Blue up on their offer. I love flying Jet Blue

King of New York Hacks said...

Jet Blue and their purple potatoe chips, for only a buck ?? Now that will help the economy !!

C said...

I love Jet Blue... Direct flights from Sea-Tac to Logan and televisions at every seat? Helpful with RR. (Six hours won't work with just books. :) ) Wish they'd offer this deal from other airports!

JoLee said...

so.... did you buy a $1 ticket somewhere? ;)

blunoz said...

JoLee - No, I wish I could have.

1) It was only on direct flights out of Dulles, and they don't fly direct to PDX.

2) The closest direct flight to San Diego was the one to Long Beach, and that one was sold out.

3) The next flight on my agenda is to fly to Florida for my friend Steve's promotion & change of charge ceremony, but that's in July and the $1 fares are only good for May.

So I didn't see anyplace for me to take them up on the $1 deal. Too bad.

Loping Squid said...

You know, it makes me really happy that they are offering these specials (a la Disney) for military folks these days.

On a more personal level, I just wish I could take advantage of them. Funnily, Disneyland Paris isn't offering free admission for U.S. military personnel.