Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This was the day my wonderful wife became a Mom.
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP)
May 2001
(Can you believe ES was ever so small???)

I hope all of the mothers in both my real llife and those who just read my blog had a wonderful Mother's Day.

My wife said for Mother's Day she wanted to make a road trip to IKEA, so yesterday we made the 45 minute drive down to Woodbridge, VA.

We got lost in IKEA. It was one of those, "Wait, didn't we already walk past those storage bins once before?" moments when I realized we had gone in a circle and never actually happened upon the exit. Luckily, just then we ran into our friends W & L. Actually, W ran into me - very literally, with his shopping cart to get my attention. :-) Thank goodness they found us. They guided us out of the wilderness light fixtures section to the cash registers and then to Fuddrucker's for lunch.

Last night my wife and I watched the movie Fireproof on DVD, and it was really good. In case you haven't heard of it: Fireproof is a Christian movie about a fireman in a struggling marriage and a 40-day love dare his dad puts him on to save his marriage. In comparison to other Hollywood type movies, okay, it wasn't a mega-blockbuster. However, for a movie put together by a church organization, I thought it was really quite good. Plus, my wife stayed awake for the entire movie! (That doesn't happen often.)

Mother's Day Recap

Our boys have a tendency to come into our room at night when they have a bad dream or need a drink of water or they want their music turned back on or they can't find their stuffed animal du jour or they're too hot or they're too cold or they feel sick or they're not sleepy or they're too sleepy or there was a weird noise outside or there was a weird noise inside or they want to know if we set the DVR to record iCarly or the economy is tanking or property values are down or the pirates are being a general nuisance off the coast of Somalia or...

Anyway, rarely does a night go by that at least one if not both of them get up in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's more than once in a night.

Unfortunately for my wonderful wife, you could set a tactial nuclear weapon off in our bedroom and I wouldn't wake up, so the boys always go to my wife's side of the bed and wake her up.

Last night before bedtime, I begged the boys to PLEASE not wake my wife up in the middle of the night. Granted, I would prefer they didn't get up AT ALL in the middle of the night, but if they did, I told them to PLEASE wake me up instead of Mommy. They said ok.

Okay, so all that was a long lead-in way to tell you about our Mother's Day here at the Blunoz household.

First off, the boys kept their promise and didn't wake anybody up in the middle of the night, so my wife and I BOTH got a good night's sleep last night.

I got up with the boys and tried to convince them to come with me to Dunkin Donuts. They were more interested in playing video games, so I told them to remain quiet. I ran out and got my wife's favorite French Vanilla coffee and donuts from DD along with some roses.

The boys were super helpful and cooperative today. When I told ES it was time to get dressed for church, he said, "Okay," and saved his game and went upstairs to get dressed. I was floored.

After church, we went to one of our usual lunch spots, the Spicy Pickle, then got haircuts and went to the Leesburg outlet mall. Again, the boys were AWESOME and cooperative and didn't whine or moan or groan about shopping.

It was a gorgeous day out... 72 degrees, sunny, and early enough in the season that the bugs aren't out yet. We grilled a steak on the barbecue grill and had a very nice dinner out on the back deck. This was the first time we have eaten out on the deck since we moved into this house.

Dinner on the Deck

The "You Are Special" red plate was a tradition of my friends Chris & Cathleen that we sort of adopted, although we don't use the special plate nearly as often as we could.

Again, the boys were AWESOME and didn't whine about eating their dinner or taking a bath or getting ready for bed. After I got the boys bathed and in bed, I made a run over to Maggie Moo's and got some Happy Mother's Day ice cream for my wonderful wife.

While I was there, I got some for me, too, of course. :-9

So overall, I think it was a pretty darn good day and I'm overjoyed at how good and cooperative the boys were.

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day, Sweetie!


C said...

Wow. Seeing one of those red plates takes me back. We had one way back when I was growing up. No idea what happened to it. Huh.

Happy Mother's Day to your wife! Glad it was a good day.

Hilary said...

Sounds like you orchestrated the perfect Mother's Day.

So did your kidlets wake up last night complaining that they could smell ice cream in the house? ;)

The Cowgirl said...

Great job, Blunoz...I am sure LW enjoyed every minute :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! We have one of those plates too, its a neat tradition. All the things ya'll did are so sweet and thoughtful!

The Silver Fox said...

(Playing catch-up on my blog-following again...)

"Our boys have a tendency to come into our room at night when..."

That paragraph was hilarious. It built quite nicely (property values, Somalian pirates, etc.!). Very enjoyable.