Friday, July 18, 2008

Virginia or Bust

After much waiting and nervous anticipation, I finally have orders.

We're going back to DC!

When we left my last shore duty tour in DC, we thought the commute from Ashburn (out by Dulles Airport) in to the Pentagon would be too long and that we would want to live closer. However, my opinion has changed after further investigation and discussion with friends from church. I hear the Loudoun County Commuter Bus is actually pretty comfortable and takes just about as much time as the Metro. On the LC commuter bus you can eat and drink and there's a restroom at the back of the bus, and I hear it's a lot less crowded than the Metro. We really liked living in Ashburn last time, so we've decided to go back and live there again.

Now our life is a flurry of mortgage applications, setting up household goods (HHG) shipments, setting up vehicle shipments, etc, etc, etc. More PCS stories and lessons learned the hard way to follow...


Nereus said...

As they say in Hawaii, Good luck Brah!!!.
Make sure that you don't have the same PN#(Fill in the rank) I had when tranfering. Of course being an XO and having some shiny collar "Bling" will help you.
(I was a dirty blue shirt PO1 and you would have thought from PSD's opinon that I was on a mission do fraud and other nastiness during my PCS move off Island. Not to mention that when you move your famliy first, need someplace to hang your hat and sleep in the interm, it's a mighty big order to fill for them PN and Barracks Types. I Got Pissed off and lived in my van in my CMC's "reserved" Parking spot to "Clear things up")

Good luck and God Speed to you and your family to VA.
Hope you keep up the BLUNOZ


Anonymous said...

Congrats and good luck with the move, the new job, and all that ensues!

Jay said...

I thought you were staying In Hawaii. Welcome back to the East coast.

Chap said...

Nereus: Good story, that...