Friday, July 4, 2008

A Swing and a Miss


Well, we were looking forward to the grand opening of our new community pool today. We expected big crowds. LW asked me to drive by the pool on my way home from work and report back on what the crowds were like. I arrived to find... an EMPTY pool. There were a few people milling about near the community center, and a lifeguard standing near the pool. I rolled down my window and asked if the pool was open. One of the employees told me the pool was closed because someone pooped in the pool, so now they have to clean it. So much for our big grand opening. That just really irritated me. We can't have ONE DAY of our new pool being operational before someone had to ruin it???


Instead of going to the pool, we went to see the USS BOWFIN museum.

Bearing, MARK!

Traditional Blunoz Self-Portrait
(Mighty Mo and Arizona Memorial are in the background)

We had been discussing going to the Mighty Mo at some point and hadn't come to a decision yet. When we were in the parking lot at the BOWFIN though, one of the boys asked if we were going to see the "Mighty Mower" next. I wonder what sort of image of the world's largest lawn mower he had in his head when we were discussing going to see the battleship.


YB was being stubborn before we left the house and refused to put his shoes and socks on. When he finally did get socks, this is what he chose...

I think this falls under the category of beggars can't be choosers. LW told me to just let it ride and be happy he had socks on.


We went to Sea Breeze on Hickam AFB to have dinner tonight. After we arrived, we found this...

Apparently, they had a really bad kitchen fire at the Sea Breeze last Wednesday, and they're closed UFN while they rebuild the kitchen. In the meantime, they have rigged a temporary kitchen (spoken "barbecue grill") out on the patio by the Sand Bar.

The Improvised Kitchen

The menu is VERY limited - hot dog, burger, chicken, or caesar salad with individually wrapped basic condiments served on paper plates with plastic utensils. If I had known that before we drove all the way out there, I would have gone to the Mongolian barbecue at the O'Club instead.

The boys seemed to enjoy it though...

Mmmmm, Longboard Lager! :-9*

* Disclaimer: The bottle was empty, and he was just blowing into the bottle making a whistling noise. I thought the picture was priceless though.


E.P. said...

So what was strike 3? Getting picked up by the AF police for contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

What a Caddyshack moment though.

Anonymous said...

I was in Pearl on business two years ago for about three weeks. I had never been there while I was in the Navy. Now, I wished I had.

My customer took me over to the buffet at the Sea Breeze for lunch a couple times. It was beautiful.

On my own, I did all the other military memorials/museums, and the Aloha swap meet. In one weekend. It killed me, but I don't regret it a bit.

I tried to go to Diamond head, but I procrastinated and it had just closed by the time I got there.

Enjoy your tour.