Thursday, May 12, 2011

Silly Legal Disclaimers - Vol IV

Okay folks, get yourself a sheet of paper and some form of writing utensil. 

I just returned from a quick trip down to San Diego and back for a shipmate's retirement ceremony.  As I was boarding the plane in San Diego, I happened upon a sign at the end of the jetway...

Before I share it with you, take a guess.  If YOU were an airport or airline executive who was paranoid about the current litigious environment in America, what warning sign would YOU put at the end of the jetway just before your customers board the plane?  What do YOU think is the most likely reason your customers are gonna wanna sue you?

One might think it would be something fairly common sense like, "Warning: Don't walk off the end of the jetway if there isn't an airplane attached," or, "Stand Back!  Airplane door swings outward!" 


Not.  Even.  Close.

Before I tell you the answer, write down what you think belongs as a warning at the end of the jetway.  Be sure to post what you wrote down in the comments section at the end of the post, because I'm sure my readers can come up with at least a dozen more likely silly legal disclaimers than the one I spotted.

Okay, ready? 

Here's what I found...  (click on image to enlarge)

Seriously?  Gosh, I'm glad they warned me.

Ya know, if I was a pregnant woman... and I had been drinking... and my baby was born with a birth defect...  Do you really think I'm gonna sue the airline for not warning me about the hazards of drinking?  

Probably not, unless in my drunken stupor I fell off the jetway without an airplane attached.

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JoLee said...

on our last flight from SFO to PDX the steward and I were laughing about that sign as we boarded the plane. But in this day and age I'm surprised it is not etched into each plastic glass you give you on the plane!