Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is a scheduled post, since I won't be anywhere near an internet computer this year for my 17th naviversary.

In previous posts I have been a bit more pensive and taken a stroll down memory lane. 
16 years - Short thoughts
15 years - Pictures from commissioning ceremony at USD NROTC
14 years - Goofy picture of me as an Ensign with coke-bottle glasses and a history of where I was on each of my previous years of service

I don't have much to add to the stroll down memory lane I provided in my previous posts, except to say I'd never have imagined where I ended up at this point in my career.  I've been very truly blessed with every set of orders I have received and every crew I've had the honor to work with, especially my current crew.  :-)


Kel said...

Happy 17th naviversary! :)

Ruth said...

Seriously? 18 years? How can that be? I'm aghast!

Auntie R