Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Silly Legal Disclaimers - Volume III

I periodically have to remove the battery from my BlackBerry. Today, for some odd reason, after I pulled the battery out, I said to myself, "Self, there sure is an awful lot of writing on that battery. What the heck does all that say???"

The first sentence...

Do not abuse battery.

Gosh, I'm SO glad they put that there. Cuz ya know I was just itching to see how high it could bounce off the tile floor on the first floor if I dropped it from the atrium opening on the 7th floor of my building. Whew! What a RELIEF they put that statement on the battery for my BlackBerry. NOW I know better!

Seriously... who thinks these things up???

Oh, yes, I did say there was "a lot" of writing on the battery, didn't I? After that breathtaking statement above, it says to dispose of the battery properly (um, okay...), and then it offers what I assume are the same two legal statements in like 17 other languages. This is because, you know, BlackBerry doesn't want to get sued by some guy in Bangladesh because he was beating on his BlackBerry battery with a sledghammer and it stopped working and nobody warned him "do not abuse battery" in his native language.

Give me a break.


Hilary said...

I've heard of assault and battery.. but never assault of a battery. ;)

pdxboxer said...

This type of warning is right up there with the signs in hospitals that read, "This is a violence free zone." Really, glad you clarified cause I thought I might beat on the sick and injured. Explain this -- where might one find an approved violence zone?

blunoz said...

Hilary - that's really funny. I hadn't put the legal terms of "assault" and "battery" together for assault on a battery. Too funny.

Jon - Isn't it amazing when you see signs like this and ask, "So if it's NOT allowed HERE, then where exactly IS it allowed???"