Monday, September 21, 2009

Pentagon Gouge: Tomorrow is Car Free Day!

I'm going to see if I can make Pentagon Gouge my regular Monday post.

Reminder: TOMORROW (Tuesday, 9/22/2009) is Car Free Day in the DC Metro Area! If you register at the Car Free Website to either reduce or eliminate the use of your car tomorrow, you could win some free stuff.

Note, even if you already use public transit to commute, you can still pledge to go Car Free tomorrow.
As for me, I would normally drive to the park-n-ride in the morning (~5 miles away) and drive home again in the afternoon. Tomorrow, I plan to walk to the free Ashburn Farms Shuttle Bus and ride it to the park-n-ride and ride it home again in the afternoon.
Give it a shot!


Mike Licht, said...

Driving on Tuesday? Watch out for the Car-Free Enforcer.


lifeloveandsanity said...