Saturday, May 8, 2010

Praying for Tennessee

I am amazed by the almost-total lack of news coverage over the flooding in Tennessee.  How is it NOT headline news?  I have to go searching for news about the flood.  It seems like the only people who are talking about it are Navy folks who can't get orders to their next duty stations because Navy Personnel Command in Millington, Tennessee is flooded out. 

Naval Support Activity Mid-South has a facebook page with photos from the base and posts regarding muster locations for volunteers and information for families displaced by the flood.

A fellow blogger Ethel shared an amazing collection of photos.  The pictures of the cars on I-24 all lined up like they were still in rush-hour traffic (except for the water up to the roofs of the cars), the car in the sink hole, and the piles of cars left after the water receded are mind-boggling.

Ethel just wrote a new post with a couple of videos.  I especially liked the point in the first video about looting.  Ethel's post also related a few stories like this one:
One of my coworkers awoke when flood waters crept onto her bed while she slept. She quickly scampered to the attic, where she was eventually rescued by boat; they literally had to cut her out of her roof. She escaped with only the pajamas she wore - she doesn't even have a pair of shoes.  

Holy crap dude.  Could you imagine waking up and finding your bedroom full of water - like up to the height of your mattress???

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ethel and all the people of Tennessee who have lost loved ones (the death toll is at 21 so far) or their homes, cars, and other family possessions that can't easily be replaced. 

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