Monday, February 1, 2010

Pentagon Gouge: Prayer Breakfast

In case you haven't seen the posters in the Pentagon or if you are only intermittently in the Pentagon like me, the Pentagon National Prayer Breakfast is next Wednesday, February 10th, 2010, in the Pentagon Library and Conference Center (PLCC), room B6, from 0630 to 0800. The guest of honor is Vicki Yohe.

I'm posting this a week early because the chaplain told me the main room normally fills up, and they have to expand into a couple of side rooms where you can watch on video monitors. You can call the Pentagon Chaplain's office if you'd like to reserve a seat for the main room.

Flyer Side 1
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Flyer Side 2
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In addition to this special Pentagon National Prayer Breakfast, I found out on the Pentagon Chaplain's website that they also have a weekly prayer breakfast at 0700 in the Pentagon Library and Conference Center.

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