Friday, February 29, 2008

Up All Night

Tomorrow night (Friday night) I get to start the night shift. In order to get ready for it, I'm trying to stay up all night tonight (Thursday night). My goal is to stay up until 5 a.m., but I'm not sure I'll make it that far. I don't even know if I'll post this to my blog. I just thought it would be interesting to keep sort of a running post through the course of the night of what I am doing to stay awake. Since LW went to bed, here's what I've been up to:

- Put away the clean dishes in the dish washer.

- Put the dirty dishes from dinner in the dish washer.

- I ate the cream cheese rangoon that LW didn't eat from her dinner. I don't think she realized it was in the bag from PE.

- Took the trash out from the garage, kitchen, and upstairs (thank you, Sweetie, for bringing the upstairs trash to the stairs for me).

- Took the trash can out to the curb.

- I brewed a pot of coffee.

- Shopped for some Under Armour running shorts. My friend Loping Squid recommended them. I've been browsing around here and there trying to find the website that (a) charges the least to ship to Hawaii, and (b) has a good return policy. I think I'm going to order from Sports Authority because I can have like six pairs of shorts sent to me in different sizes and colors for like $20 in shipping, and it comes with a return shipping label in the box. All I have to do is put the shorts that I don't like or don't want back in the box and drop it back in the mail to them, and they will charge me $6.50 for the return shipping (subtract it from the amount of the refund). So far, that's the best offer I've found in my online shopping. Then I realized that they have a store right over here in Waipahu, so I figure I should at least drive by the store and see if they have any of the shorts in stock and not pay ANY shipping first. IF they don't have them in the store, then I'll go back to the website.

- I've had American Beauty playing in the background on the TV, but I haven't been playing close attention to it.

- The JO who's going to be on the midwatch with me tomorrow night just emailed and said he's getting ready to play some Wii, so I'm going to turn my Wii on and see if I can figure out what you can do online with it.

- Hooked up the new component video cable for our Wii, now the Wii is doing some O/S update off the internet. OMG - the Component Video cable for the Wii? HUGE waste of money. I think the graphics actually got WORSE. I went into the Wii video settings and changed it from the standard 480i to the ED 480p, but it looks even MORE like an old Atari video game now than it did before. Shoulda just stuck with the standard definition on the Wii.

- Man... I was thinking SURELY it's past midnight by now, but NOPE. It's only 11:10. Thinking ahead - I think I should go for a run about 3 a.m. or so since I'll miss our Friday Command PT.

- Played a game of Wii Bowling. First time I've played in a while and was pretty rusty in the beginning. I pulled off three strikes and three spares in my last five frames though and ended up with a 165.

- Second game of Wii Bowling didn't go as well. Only bowled a 147. It seemed like I couldn't get a strike to save my life. Got a whole bunch of "Nice Spare!" comments though.

0000 Watch and logs continued from those dated 2/28/2008. Plant conditions and equipment status... Oh wait.... Sorry, flashback.

- Put in Vanilla Sky just after midnight. I wanted to see this movie a long time ago and never got around to it. It finally worked its way up on our queue and just happened to arrive yesterday.

- As I type this, I keep getting that song, "Up all night, oooooooooh dancin', oooooh, baby, up all night," stuck in my head. I tried searching for it to add to my blog music for the occasion, but there are a LOT of songs with "Up All Night" in the title. I didn't find it yet. Maybe later.

- Vanilla Sky was a pretty good flick. Now I'm folding some laundry. Poor LW has a fever and has been up coughing and blowing her nose most of the night.

- Reconsidering the idea of going for a run. I want to go, but I don't want to wake up LW or the boys with a shower before I go to bed.

- LW was kind enough to do like four loads of laundry for me to fold. It's giving me something to actually do with my hands, so I have been folding laundry and watching TV.

- It's been interesting watching sunrise creep around the globe and seeing each of our friends log onto their computers in the morning. First I got to chat with my friend Loping Squid and his LW when they woke up on their side of the world. Then I got to chat with Corey when she woke up on the east coast. Then I got to chat with Sam when she woke up in Michigan. Now I'm only 15 minutes from my goal of 5 a.m. Thanks to those of you who chatted with me and helped me stay awake! I'm actually not feeling that tired now - it's like I caught my second wind. ...or maybe it's that pot of coffee that kicked in. Hopefully it won't take me long to fall asleep.

Okay, goodnight all. Hope you all have a good weekend! Not sure if I'll be able to write much before we finish shiftwork in a couple of weeks.


Sagey said...

Ahh the DH has short term memory! :-) When we got the HD DVD player he was complaining that we didn't have enough HD inputs for the Wii and I told him not to bother because the Wii graphics are really bad. Guess he frogot. :-)

I know you are all wondering with baited breath if he went to sleep quickly, he did. Now the trick for us is going to be not to wake him up today. :-)

And my fever is gone for the moment. I was glad he wasn't sleeping with me as I proabbly wouldn have kept him up all night anyway with my shivering and coughing.

Nereus said...

Watch and Logs continued as before, YEP, Submariner, even as XO, to old habits still prevail. Good luck on the "Time Warp." When I did my tour at SUBPAC, the mid-watch run was a killer due to the Sunny days and heat. Turn the AC up to "Chill beer on the table" cold and draw all shades in an attempt to get some rest. The upside, if you want to PT past midnight, The overpass over Nimitz is well lit and you only have to avoid the occasional homeless person to get in a prett good run. Wouldn't recommend other areas as they have less illumination. A run at sunrise is great on the island.

C said...

Good luck with the shift work!

Corey said...

We liked the Midwatch because Vin would be home to see the kid in the morning, sleep some and be able to have dinner with us or at least help with bath and bedtime. I think we saw more of him then than when he was working days.

blunoz said...

Nereus - Yeah, I've put up black trash bags over the windows in our bedrooms to block out the light coming around the edges of the blinds, and I turned on the ceiling fan to keep the bedroom cool and try to provide some background noise to drown out children playing downstairs. It worked out pretty well and I got a pretty good day's sleep today.

Corey - I agree. I volunteered for the midwatch because neither of the other shifts really worked for me. I still have to deal with personnel issues during the day, and I can't be on the phone with the JAG or the squadron during the day and be in the engine room at the same time. If I did the swing shift, then I would never see my kids. With the midwatch, I get up in the afternoon and spend time with my family, have dinner, help with baths and getting the boys to bed, then I go to work. I just need to hit the rack as soon as possible after I get home in the morning.