Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Night Food and Fitness


Tortilla Soup: LW made a really good tortilla soup from a Family Circle magazine recipe. According to the nutrition information in the recipe, it was only 5 points per serving on the WW scale. She also put in some avocado slices, low-fat cheese, and tortilla strips that added like 3 points. Next time she plans to use one less tablespoon of olive oil to reduce the soup to 4 points per serving.

Thinking about tortilla soup sent me on a flashback to Monterey. Turtle Bay Taqueria in Monterey made an awesome soup called Sopa de Lima that I used to get all the time. They had the broth for the soup already made up and ready to go. When you placed an order for the soup, they would grill a couple of chicken breasts, dice them up, put them in the bowl, and then add the broth over it. It was really good! If you live in Monterey and haven't been to Turtle Bay, you should try it!

Another one of my new favorites LW made this week was Baked Falafel Sandwiches from this WW recipe. Only 6 points per serving, and they were really good. I loaded mine up with fresh tomato slices, onion, and lettuce to add some volume to it without adding any significant calories. (The falafel recipe photo on the right is from the WW website).


My muscles ached for a few days after our Wednesday morning session with the new PT She-Nazi. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit she's a bit older than me, and she kicked all of our butts. Her husband is a pretty senior officer (a couple of paygrades above me). She had already led a 6 a.m. class that she was just finishing up when we got there for our 7 a.m. session.

After stretching out, she started us off with "two laps on the bleacher steps." Now, with the old PT Nazi, he would have us all divide up so that there were two or three guys per set of steps. When he said "two laps" of the bleacher steps, we would go to our chosen set of steps and run up and down that set of steps twice. Nope. Nyet. No more. When the new PT She-Nazi says, "two laps," she means start at one set of bleacher steps, run up and down that set, run clockwise around the basketball court to the next set of steps, run up and down that set, run clockwise to the next set of steps, run up and down that set... I think there are like 16 aisles / sets of steps going up into the bleachers, so "two laps" is actually running 32 sets of steps.

Then she had us doing sets of 40 tricep-dips on the bottom bench of the bleachers, walking lunges across the basketball court and back, squats, football-style sidesteps, leg lifts, crunches, another set of "two laps" on the bleacher steps, more tricep-dips... It was a really good workout, but my shoulders, triceps, ankles, hamstrings, gluteals all ached.

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Rewind to my previous post about TV shopping. Today we got the thing in the mail from Circuit City explaining why I was denied credit there. Any guesses why??? My credit application at Circuit City was denied because I already have a credit account established at Circuit City. ...UNbelievable. Why don't they just TELL you that at the counter??? We haven't bought anything at Circuit City since we bought our washer and dryer in Monterey back in 1999, so I didn't remember opening an account way back then. We had a bad experience dealing with Circuit City then, so we have been hesitant to ever go back.

As I stated in my previous post, I got what I wanted for the price I wanted, so it's Circuit City that lost out on the sale. Still, it would have saved me a couple of trips zipping across town if they would have just said, "You already have a credit account with us. What would you like to buy today?"


Anonymous said...

The soup looks and sounds great! Its bookmarked for after I'm done with this jumpstart/flush thing thats mainly protein. Hint: When I do soups and want to cut out some of the oil, I either put in about 10 sprays of olivio or a Tbsp of fat free half and half (if its a creamy soup).

I almost thought I might know who your She Nazi is but then realized they're stateside on a ship. Sounds like she's pushing the limits! If you ever want a killer bodyweight only workout, search youtube for the bodyweight 500.

Your CC issues sound like our Best Buy issues. I agree though, wouldn't it have been 1000x's easier just to tell you why then and there? my husband is addicted to his crackberry! *shakes head*

One Crazy Adventure said...

I love tortilla soup! We'll have to try that one since our recipe disappeared.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Oh, the falafel looks fab! We haven't had any in a long time...I'll have to try this recipe :)

C said...

The soup looks wonderful.