Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blog Celebrity and Defunct Blog Rolls

It doesn't happen often, but I am occasionally surprised to meet a stranger who says, "Hey, I read your blog!"  I recently had a fellow Navy officer come to my office for a meeting, and he recognized one of the framed pictures over my desk that was also posted on my blog.  He told me when he received orders to PCS to the Pentagon, one of the Navy officers in his new office sent him an email with a link to my "Pentagon Gouge."  Wow!  I'm honored to be included in the unofficial Pentagon welcome aboard packet, and glad to know some have found the information I've shared here to be useful. 

That gave me a nudge that I should get back in the habit of sharing things on my blog that may be of use to folks working in the Pentagon or the National Capital Region in general.

To that end, please tell me (comment or email), how do you keep up on your blog reading?  For me, I used to have a long list of blogs I read on Google Reader.  I was out at sea when Google Reader went away, and I just never recovered or reconstituted any means of keeping up to date on all the blogs I used to read.  How do you do it?  I know I keep up to date on a lot of things via Facebook.  Maybe I should change this into a Facebook page.  What do you think?


Hilary said...

Hi Kevin. I think blogging offers wider creative boundaries and revisiting permanence than FB does. I find the posts there.. though stay somewhere.. seem fleeting and get lost amid the great volume of incoming information.

I use to keep track of blog feeds.It's a bit different from Google Reader but you can adjust settings to make it quite similar. It has been working well for me. Good luck.

DukeRulZ said...

Definitely Feedly! Additionally, Facebooks appears to be heading towards some type of monetizing change. Plus, I can read whatever you post when I get the chance to do so with a reader while FB doesn't really translate it that well.

The Silver Fox said...

Hi, Kevin! Remember me?

I keep up with my favorites by setting up a Blogroll list on my sidebar using the Add a Gadget "Blog List" widget. Then my favorite blogs' latest posts show up as soon as they've been posted.

Take care!