Thursday, July 1, 2010

Have a Great 4th of July Weekend!

MCPON put out an outstanding public service announcement for this weekend.  Check it out:

I couldn't agree more.  Like I told my crew every Friday at quarters on the pier - don't allow yourself to end up in a position where YOU have decide if YOU are "sober-enough" to drive home after YOU've already been drinking.  Drinking impairs your judgment and you're likely to make a bad-call in the interest of convenience. 

Follow MCPON's advice and HAVE A PLAN how you are getting home BEFORE you go out.

That being said, I have also frequently told my crew that I know sometimes plans go awry.  You had a designated driver and next thing you know, you look across the bar and there is your "designated driver" putting down shots of tequila. 

That's okay.  Not your fault.  There are other SAFE alternatives available to you such as calling a taxi cab or a friend.  I think there are a lot of people like me around who would rather you called at 1 a.m. in need of a safe ride home than have to attend your funeral because you didn't call / didn't want to wake me up at 1 a.m.

Along the same lines, here in the DC area, there is a safe ride home program.  From 10 p.m. Sunday July 4 until 6 a.m. on Monday July 5, call the SoberRide program at 1-800-200-TAXI to get a free ride home (up to a $50 fare).  If you aren't in the DC area, then google it for your home town.  Take the number with you JUST IN CASE.

 Have an awesome 4th of July holiday weekend everyone!


建彰建彰 said...
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Tabor said...

Such good advice and glad that our troops have such good leaders on their side. Maybe I should call the nearby base and ask if they need any designated drivers? I don't think I can stay awake at the bar, but would be glad to get in the car and head out.

blunoz said...

That's a great idea and would be very generous and kind of you Tabor. Several bases have some sort of organized "safe ride home" program. Some work through local taxi services and donations. Others work on volunteers who are on-call to go out and pick people up who need a ride home.