Thursday, June 3, 2010

FY11 CO/XO Screening Board Results

Being selected to become a Commanding Officer (CO) or Executive Officer (XO = second in command) is a significant milestone in the career of a submarine officer. For any non-Navy family/friends who want to learn more or refresh their memory on the career progression of a submarine officer, please read this post.

Just like last year, I've been getting a LOT of hits on my blog lately from people looking for the results of the CO/XO Screening Board that met last week. In previous years, I have posted the results here because I know there are a lot of fellow submariners out there who would like to see the list and wish their former shipmates congratulations, but aren't currently working in a job that gets the "ALSUBFOR" message traffic.

This year, kudos to NAVPERSCOM, they have added a selection board page to the Pers-42 web page, and you can view the FY11 CO/XO Screening Board results in PDF format here.

Congratulations to all who screened for these important career milestones!


Tanya said...

Congrats to all! We have a bunch of friends who screened CO, XO, & XO SS and wish them all the best!

SamanthaSimons said...

Congrats to everyone who screened! Andy's just relieved XO screened for Command and the NAV on his current boat screened for XO which was great news. Saw a good friends name on there who is getting out, the fleet is losing an excellent leader in him.