Monday, January 18, 2010

Pentagon Gouge: Mass Transit Subsidy Distribution

For military folks in the DC area, this week is the National Capital Region (NCR) Mass Transit Subsidy distribution. Don't forget to pick yours up! For locations and times you can pick them up, visit this website (I think it has to be from a .mil domain computer). (Update: I'm able to access it from my home computer, no problems.)

Also, since this is the first distribution after the holidays, it is worthy to note the policy on having leftover benefits from the previous period. If, like me, you spent some time on vacation and didn't use all your metro checks for the last quarter, then the rules say you are supposed to report that when you collect your new quarter's benefits and reduce the amount of metro checks you collect for the new quarter. From the NCR Mass Transit Subsidy website explaining the eligibility and rules of the program:
I will adjust the amount received based upon long term TDY or leave.

This means that if you are away for an extended period, in which you are not commuting and incurring costs, that you will not claim benefits, or if you have already been issued benefits for that period, you will reduce your next claim by any remaining amount. Please note that the DoD does not pay to “hold” or “reserve” seats for vanpools while you are on extended absence.

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